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interestinsights will find you thousands of Facebook™ interests that you can target in your campaigns and reduce costs to reach a more relevant audience.

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interestinsights interest search
Hidden interests

Facebook™ only shows up to 25 interests, even though there is way more


Avg. increase in interests on broad searches

interestinsights old way

The old way

Discovering interests on Facebook™

It's not surprising if you're struggling, considering how the Facebook Ads Manager works. It's hard to find the right interests.

Targeting same audience as competitors

Expensive and irrelevant engagement

Large generic audience


interestinsights our way

Our way

Choose from all the available interests

Facebook has all the interests. interestinsights lets you find them. It's easy to create a successful campaign with the right tools.

Target a brand new audience

Greater ROI of campaigns

More time to create ads

Higher conversion rates

Find 1000's of hidden interests

interestinsights will show you more thousands of hidden interests that can be targeted. Facebook has over 7 million advertisers, and each of them is shown the same 25 interests.
You will save valuable hours researching the perfect interests with low competition targeting.

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Research with a few clicks

Learn everything about interests with links to Google and Facebook.


Interest summary

With a broad keyword, 100's suggestions will be shown in no time.


No connection needed

Search through interests without connecting your Facebook acoount.

Improve your search

Specify additional requirements for your interests search or be inspired by suggestions based on the inital search.

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interestinsights extended search
interestinsights Google and Facebook

Easy investigation of interests

Examine if the interest is relevant for your campaign with a single click to Google and Facebook.

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Save your research for later

Save and group your selected interests into projects for later use. Create unlimited projects and add infinite interests.

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interestinsights projects

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Unlimited usage

Billed every year

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€171 per year

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Features Free Monthly/Yearly
Daily interest searches 3 Unlimited
Projects 1 Unlimited
Facebook groups to track 1 40
Keywords per group to track 20 20
Automated video audiences 1 100
Analyze unlimited videos
Access to hidden interests
Free support
New features without extra cost

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