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Frequently asked questions

Verified by Facebook

Can it post to my group?
No. interestinsights only has access to see posts and comments in the group.
Does it share posts with others?
No. The posts found in your group by your keywords, is only shown to you.
Does the app need to be installed?
Yes. Facebook requires that group administrators actively choose what apps they want to have access to their groups.
Any third-party application needs to be added to a group to watch their content.
Does it work with closed groups?
Yes. As long as the app is added to the group, it works, no matter if the group is public or private.
Does it work right away?
It does if the group has already added the interestinsights app to the group. Otherwise it has to be added by an administrator of the group, before it works.
What does it mean that your are verified by Facebook?
It means that Facebook has reviewed our application, approved that we follow their rules and allowed us to access group content.
Can I test it on a Facebook group?
Yes. interestinsights has a public Facebook group you can join and test the alerts.
What do I ask the groups admin?
You merely ask them if they will be so kind, to add interestinsights' app to their group.
We have created a template for you
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Group posts are potentially free sales, but only if you notice the them. Get an alert whenever your keywords are mentioned.

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