Find Facebook group ID

How to find Facebook group ID and get a notification once that group has added interestinsights' app.

Copy group ID

Go to Facebook group and copy ID from URL.

Your Facebook groups
Get notified when group is available

Go to New alert and click Get notified when group is available.

Paste group ID

Paste the Facebook group ID and click Notify me, when group is added.


You will get an email notification once the group has added interestinsights.

How it works

Following video displays how you find a Facebook groups ID and how you can get a notification once it has added interestinsights.

interestinsights Frank Hald

Why use interestinsights?

Alerts from Facebook groups

Group posts are potentially free sales, but only if you notice the them. Get an alert whenever your keywords are mentioned.

Save time and stay connected

Spend time doing things you like and less time searching through Facebook groups. Never miss an opportunity.

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