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25 interests are shown on Facebook. We show 100s.

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How to find interests for Facebook ads


Enter keyword

Search for Facebook interests with a broad keyword for the best results. The default locale is North America.


Select interests

Click on the interests you want to add to your Facebook ad. A list is created with the selected interests.


Copy to Facebook

Copy the interests and go to Facebook Ads Manager and paste the interests in Detailed Targeting under Audience.

How it works

Following video displays how you can discover interests you never would have thought about, by using interestinsights, and how you can add them to your campaign.

Fishing alone in the sea

Facebook has more than 7 million advertisers and is the number one ad channel for both B2C and B2B companies. When all 7 mio. advertisers are shown the same interests, you will have competition when you run ads on Facebook.

With interestinsights you can find an audience not yet targeted, and cheaper because of less competition, which instantly increase your ad clickthrough rates and profit.

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Why use interestinsights?

Discover 1000's of interests

Find interests you can't find on Facebook, in seconds and discover a market unknown to your competitors.

Save time and make more money

Spend time doing things you like and less time researching Facebook interests, while increasing your ROI.

Team of developers

Created by our own developers, making it easier to add new features and faster to implement your requests.

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